Manufacturers of Paint Booths, Paint Baking Ovens, Powder Coating Plants and Equipments. We manufacture Top Performance automotive and industrial Paint Booths, Paint Backing Ovens and Powder Coating Plants and Equipments.

"Thakur Dharam Chand & Sons", established in 1954 by Mr.Thakur Dharam Chand.

Located in Jalandhar, Punjab, India, Thakur Dharam Chand & Sons is the leading supplier of top performance automotive and industrial Paint Booths, Powder Coating Plants and Equipments, Overhead Conveyor for Powder Coating & Liquid Paint, Paint Baking Ovens, Vegetable Food, Poultry & Fishery Processing Machines, Mechanical & Hydraulic Lift and LP Gas Detectors with Water Flood.

Following are the Products available with Thakur Dharam Chand & Sons

  • ADARSH Magic Coat ™P:Car/Bus (Automobile) Paint Booth com oven.
  • ADARSH Gas-O-Matic ™P:Industrial Powder/liquid Paint Baking Ovens.
  • ADARSH GCX 945 ™ :- Powder Coating Guns (manual)
  • ADARSH s.p.c.s ™ :- Liquid Paint Booth water wash / dry
  • ADARSH Super extracta ™ :- Booth for Powder Paint.
  • ADARSH Conveyor ™ :- Over head Conveyor Systems
  • ADARSH ™ Lift :- Hydraulic Lifts
  • Coloid ™ Antidust:- Antidust Coating for Automobile Paint Booths.
  • :- 2K Paint filter for Automobile Paints, for good finishing results.

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