Manufacturers of Paint Booths, Paint Baking Ovens, Powder Coating Plants and Equipments. We manufacture Top Performance automotive and industrial Paint Booths, Paint Backing Ovens and Powder Coating Plants and Equipments.


Standard Features of Paint Booths.

  • Galvanized double wall with 2 ½" insulation with PU sand witch..
  • Paint Booths with white vinyl finish interior, Emerald Green/blue vinyl exterior.
  • M1 makeup air with 7.5-hp motor and two stage pre filtration.
  • Paint Booths with advance technology Control Panel featuring IQ System.
  • 2-row pit dry filtration.
  • Tree type Stainless steel heat exchanger.
  • Power Flame (Max) 400,000 Kcal indirect fired burner.
  • Paint Booths with 3-door frontal with viewing windows.
  • Class 1 Div 2 light fixtures with inside access standard and energy efficient
  • electric/electronic ballast.
  • Full filtered ceiling.
  • Paint Booths with 1-year limited warranty.

Options available with most Models of Paint Booths

  • 2 Row easy pit.
  • Lengths in 26', 28', 30', 45' and (100' for Rail car). custom lengths of Paint Booths by quotation
  • Width's 12', 13.5', 14.9', 16.4', 17.8', 20'. (custom Widths of Paint Booths by quotation)
  • Center dividing door.
  • Cure stations.
  • Wet basement. (Eliminates concrete work adds to cleanliness of booth)
  • Interior ramp. (for dry basements)
  • Viewing windows for side walls.
  • Side service door with viewing window.
  • Single skin panel construction.
  • Post filtration for dry system.
  • Make up air in single units to 20,000 CFM.
  • 4 tube light fixtures.
  • Parts hanging bar and track.
  • Side exhaust.
  • Post filtration.
  • Dry basement. (Eliminates concrete work)
  • Additional Lighting.
  • Viewing windows.
  • Dual Paint Booths connection with spray and bake options in both ends.
  • Paint mix rooms.
  • Water wash filtration. (eliminates filtration media replacement)
  • Vestibules.
  • Prep stations.

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